indication of sailing area 3 day cruise

example Itinerary

Day 1 

Arrive in the San Blas

  • Welcome aboard by your crew: Rene, Joline and the kids.
  • exploring around Cayos Limon & Chichime islands
  • or (depending on guest preferences , tiredness etc)
  • 1,5 hour Sailing to Cayos Holandeses
  • Mooring in turquoise waters: swimming, snorkeling, & beach lounging
  • Lunch with mostly catch of the day (fish, lobsters, giant crabs, etc…) and/or meat with rice or vegetables. Choice of cheeses – Tropical fruits.
  • Visiting around with dinghy and/or paddle boards
  • Dinner on board or on the beach. Meeting with other boaters.

Day 2

  • Breakfast 1.5 hour sailing to Isla Cambombia or Mordbedup: local handcrafts (molas, uinnis, etc..).
  • Lunch with on basis of salads , Fruits & much more
  • Snorkeling the local reefs or fishing
  • Dinner on board – after party with fire camp on the beach

Day 3

  • Breakfast
  • Sailing 1 – 1.5 hour back to Cayos Limon & Chichime islands
  • Gorgeous snorkeling, kayaking and paddle boarding
  • Lunch with another few lobsters and crabs if available!
  • Dinner aboard or at simple local restaurant if places available

Day 4 (end of 3 days trip)

  • Breakfast
  • trip back to Panama City , start at 09:00 from San Blas.

Day 4 (for the 6 days full cruise)

  • Breakfast
  • Saling to the Western Hollandes great reef bank (Miriyadup)
  • Mooring there
  • Gorgeous snorkeling and great kayaking and paddling
  • Lunch aboard or on the beach
  • Exploration of the reef outside the barreer (if weather permits)
  • Diner aboard & fire camp on the beach

Day 5

  • Sailing to cayos Kuanidup aera
  • Visit of the traditional village of Mormakeutupu
  • Meeting with the molas makers in their huts
  • Local handcraft purchase
  • Lunch aboard
  • Sailing from this area to Isla verde
  • Dinner aboard

Day 6

  • Last day at this beautifull anchorage
  • Spot to see sometimes spotted eagle rays
  • One of the most beautifull snorkeling of the western Caribbean at the north of this island (if weather conditions are good)
  • Lunch aboard
  • Shell collecting on the beach of the tiny islet in the south of anchorage
  • Sailing to Cayos Limon / Chichime area
  • Dinner aboard or at local restaurant if places available

Day 7

  • Breakfast aboard
  • 09.00 am: trip back to Panama city

IMPORTANT: the skipper may decide at anytime to change this itinerary due to his personal appreciation of the situation (weather conditions, etc..). This itinerary is a sample of what will be your cruise.

2023 – ???

Please contact us for details !